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shootokill23's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 9 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 75 Points

Find Sneaky At The Beach House

Ocean Breeze! Unlocked 7/23/15
5 Points
Listen to the cool sound of the ocean!
Nintendo Master 25 Points Enter the cheat code!
Water the plant! 25 Points Water the plant!
Fisherman 50 Points Catch a fish!
Find Sneaky! 100 Points Find Sneaky!
Word Wizard 100 Points Solve the word puzzle!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/305 points)


Like A Bull! Unlocked 8/30/14
5 Points
Destroy all the pottery.
Vandal! Unlocked 8/30/14
10 Points
Manage to cut off the chandelier.
Tick Her Off! Unlocked 8/30/14
25 Points
Deal enough damage to make the hydra fly.
One Last Hope! 50 Points Find the hidden life potion.
Special Mode - Password! 50 Points Find the password for unlocking the special mode.
Good Catch! 100 Points Grab the key in midair.
Special Mode - Activated! 100 Points Activate the special mode and deal over thrice the normal damage!

Medals Earned: 3/7 (40/340 points)

Ragdoll Ninja

Goodman Unlocked 6/24/14
10 Points
Leave alive 3 ragdolls in a game
Doc 5 Points Recover 3 lifes in a game
Lord of time 5 Points Use a slow motion 3 times in a game
Novice 5 Points Score 3,000 points
Sniper 5 Points Do 10 headshots in a game
Accurate 10 Points Do 8 'Combo 3x' in a game
Cool 10 Points Do 4 'Combo 4x' in a game
Crazy 10 Points Slice 50 ragdolls in a game
Fast 10 Points Do 3 'Combo 5x' in a game
Goldminer 10 Points Slice 10 gold ragdolls in a game
Madman 10 Points Do 10 criticals in a game
Gamer 25 Points Slice 1,000 ragdolls
Killer 25 Points Do 100 headshots
Lord of time 2 25 Points Use a slow motion 50 times
Medic 25 Points Recover 20 lifes
Psycho 25 Points Do 100 criticals
Skilled 25 Points Score 10,000 points
Humane 50 Points Leave alive 20 ragdolls
Richman 50 Points Slice 100 gold ragdolls
Kamikaze 100 Points Explode 50 bombs

Medals Earned: 1/20 (10/440 points)

Z3lda: Mini Game

RUDE Unlocked 11/9/13
5 Points
WOW! That is pretty rude.
S-MART Unlocked 11/9/13
5 Points
Shop smart, shop S-MART!
Straight Shooter Unlocked 11/9/13
5 Points
Hit your target!
Welcome Home Unlocked 11/9/13
5 Points
Travel back home for a while.
2 In A Row 5 Points Shoot two in a row.
3 In A Row 5 Points Shoot three in a row.
BROKE? 5 Points Get some more rupees.
EASY 5 Points Play the EASY challenge mode.
Get Paid 1 5 Points Get 50 rupees!
Get Paid 2 5 Points Get 100 rupees.
Get Paid 3 5 Points Get 200 rupees!
Glitch 5 Points How are you doing that link?
H1 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H10 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H11 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H12 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H13 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H14 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H15 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H2 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H3 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H4 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H5 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H6 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H7 5 Points Collect a Heart.
H8 5 Points Collect a Heart.
HARD 5 Points Play the HARD challenge mode.
The Book Of Death 5 Points Follow DeathInk from the loading screen.
TIME TRIAL 5 Points Play the TIME TRIAL mode.
4 In A Row 10 Points Shoot four in a row!
Get Paid 4 10 Points Get 400 rupees!
H9 10 Points Collect a Heart.
Sure Shot 10 Points Don't miss with all five arrows!
Yum! 10 Points Welcome back... have an apple!
Bling Bling! 25 Points Reach level 20 in the TIME TRIAL mode.
I'M RICH BITCH! 25 Points Get 600 rupees!
Bling! 50 Points Reach level 20 in the EASY challeng mode.
SNES MASTER 50 Points Collect all hearts!
Tri-Force 50 Points Ba Da Da Dum!
Bling Bling Bling! 100 Points Reach level 20 in the HARD challeng mode.

Medals Earned: 4/40 (20/495 points)